Introduction to Art & Medicine

‘Modern Medicine' has become increasingly reliant on technology and may be percieved as being disconnected to human suffering. ‘Art’, on the other hand, connects people.  We believe that art and medicine have a complimentary role to play and art can build the bridge to bring back the focus of medicine to the ‘whole’ person, in identifying patterns in hope, anguish, cure and care of common human predicaments. Art also helps us to understand individual differences in joy and sorrow. 

‘Art and Medicine’ is not a new concept but is relatively new to India. Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata and Kings College London conceived this project to get people to learn about the path taken by patients and staff of a newly established cancer center in India. At the outset we would like to thank our patients and staff who volunteered and agreed to take part in this project.

All of you are welcome to the upcoming exhibition titled “The Only Journey Is One Within” planned to be held in Kolkata 16-22 January 2019 or the complementary travelling exhibition in Bush House, Kings College London in February 2019. The first exhibition in Kolkata will be held during the inauguration of the phase-II of TATA Medical Centre Kolkata. Follow up events are planned over the next year.

Reference: 1. Scott PA (2000) The relationship between arts and medicine. Medical Humanities 26:3-8