Travelling Far

Cancer is a disease which has immense impact on the patient and his/her family. Even with the modern methods of treatment and advent of many disease modifying agents, cancer care remains out of reach for many patients who do not have access to quality care near their home. In the Indian sub-continent, it is not uncommon for patients to travel long distances over hundreds of kilometers in order to get treated. Being a vast country, patients often find themselves in an alien environment that has a very different culture from their own but adapt to it quickly.

The series of exhibitions that we plan to organize around the world will capture this. We hope that the exhibitions will reflect an interesting part of this medical migration and adaptation to Kolkata. The exhibition will also portray the emotions people go through. It will highlight interaction of health care professionals with patients. Over the years the number of patients seen by the hospital seen has increased steadily. In 2018, a total number of 17,183 patients had been seen between Jan 2018 to Nov 2018 from India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, USA, Germany, Pakistan, UAE, Ukraine, Nigeria, UK, Sri lanka and a few others. Thinley traveled from Bhutan and Rafi hailed from Bangladesh and both were in search of cure from their disease. In the exhibition, we will get to know about them and others who traveled for treatment of cancer. Their story tells us that for the vast majority, these ‘travels’ were well worth it.